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Find space in your life to relax


Welcome to the Changing Minds Centre

Our aim is to provide you with a website where you can access information, self help resources and find out about training and services that can help improve your wellbeing and enable you to build a brighter future whatever your circumstances.

At the Changing Minds Centre our work is centred on, informed by, developed with and delivered by people who have a real understanding about what it feels like to be in mental distress.

We work with service users, carers, health professionals and partner organisations, to help us deliver meaningful, supportive and informed advice to every individual and organisation we interact with.

So please feel free to browse our site - which we hope will both inspire and inform you about improving your personal wellbeing - then use the feedback feature to let us know what we've done well and what we could do better!

Remember to try our  relaxation download along with a wide variety of wellbeing evaluation questionaires and tools!


Learn2b Manage Anger

A number of Learn2b Manage Anger and Move to Calm courses will begin in September for both men and women. Please call 01604 368023 for more information and to book

Learn2b Improve your Sleep

A number of Learn2b Improve your Sleep courses will begin in September. Please call 01604 386023 for more information and to book